Body Contouring


Combined Surgery
The photographs show an example of combined surgery (augmentation  mammaplasty + liposculpture + abdominoplasty) with a remarkable improvement of the body silhouette of the patient.



What woman has not undergone diets, massages, or various tortures in order to lose a few centimeters on her hips or thighs, sacrifices which are useful up to a certain point, because, after the first phase of reduction, the rolls of fat, though smaller, are still visible; the magic of liposuction is that, with a tiny incision, all this can be eliminated.  Beware however, although the operation itself is simple, it must be performed by an expert, in a sterile environment, preferably in a public health structure.  If these precautions are taken, excellent results can be obtained with few drawbacks; in this case too, local anesthetic is used with sedation: the post-operative stage presents few problems except for the use of a girdle for a period of 3 to 4 weeks.









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