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Breast enlargement
Ever since ancient times, femininity has been measured according to the size of the bust; in many primitive religions goddesses are portrayed with numerous breasts.  Without going to these extremes, a widely practiced operation nowadays is the enlargement of the mammary glands, which gives striking aesthetic results.  There has been much discussion about the effects on the organism of silicone prostheses, but opinions are still discordant, and there is no scientific proof that the material used for this operation is in any way harmful.

There are several techniques, ranging from the circumareaola incision (around the areola) which leaves no obvious scars, to the incision in the mammary crease;  some prefer to insert a prosthesis through the armpit.   In any case, if the operation is performed well, it is virtually devoid of complications and, as long as the proportions are respected, it gives an excellent aesthetic result with great satisfaction on the part of the patient.  The materials utilized are of various quality and so, before undergoing the operation, the patient must be informed by the surgeon about the products used; the operation should not be performed on an outpatients/day hospital basis, as there is greater risk of infection.  A general anesthetic is not necessary and recovery is quite rapid.   Post-operative check-ups are most important. 



Breast Reduction
Breast reduction has two basic purposes. One is aesthetic, that is to reduce the volume of a bust which is out of proportion with the rest of the patient’s body; the other is functional, that is to rid the patient of the excessive weight of the breasts, a condition which borders on a medical disorder, as it is associated from childhood with defective positions of the spine, as well as problems of a psychological nature.  As well as reductive surgery there is also Mastopexy which consists in lifting a bust which has dropped over time or because of protracted breast feeding.  In both cases, the operation involves more extensive scars than augmentation/enlargement surgery, but if well performed, these scars become less obvious in time.








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