During a preliminary consultation within the United States, by appointment only, you can talk to your surgeon about your problem, and plan your treatment.  The surgeon you meet will be the same surgeon who will perform the operation, and who will follow you in post-operative care.  He will also remain in contact with you by telephone and/or email and it will be possible to meet him again in the US.









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You normally wouldn't pair "surgery" and "vacation" together, but a growing trend marries the two. Although cosmetic surgery travel is increasingly popular for a number of reasons, the overriding issue is cost.
In the United States, cosmetic and dental surgery are cost-prohibitive; while in a number of other countries, predominantly in South Italy, prices are considerably lower. Discretion is also a factor: It's easier to say, "I'm taking a two-week trip to Italy" than letting everyone know you want implants. Additionally most Americans simply don't have the extra time, so it makes sense to use those available vacation days.




Make your dreams come true with affordable, quality full service, cosmetic surgery packages that include the best international surgeons, follow up care to ensure complete recovery, and a luxury hotel, the Hotel Crown Plaza Stabiae Coast with its SPA where you can rest and rejuvenate; all nestled in the beautiful, relaxing countryside of the Sorrento coast (Naples), Italy, with delightful destinations such as Positano, Amalfi, Capri and Pompei within 40 minutes’ drive.









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