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Sanatrix Clinic is a very modern, clean clinic situated in the middle of Naples and only 45 minutes from the hotel, The Hotel Crown Plaza, where you would be staying.  The experienced surgical team, which was formed in EUROPE and BRAZIL, consists of three highly trained and experienced surgeons and staff.  The surgeon who will met with you on the initial consultation in the UNITED STATES will be the one performing the operation.



Clinical and diagnostic services provided by the Sananatrix are structured as Departments and Services. They include most medical and surgical disciplines, ranging from Internal Medicine to General Surgery,  Neurology, Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics,  Plastic and Cosmetic surgery and Ophthalmology. A fully equipped Emergency Room, associated to an intensive care unit, is operated on a rotational basis by staff clinicians, and is prepared to treat any medical or surgical emergency. Professionals operating in clinical Departments and Divisions include the Division Chief, senior registrars, registrars, head nurses, professional nurses and assistant technicians (OTA), together with auxiliary personnel and administrators. In addition to qualified medical staff, diagnostic and rehabilitation services comprise specialised technical personnel including head technicians, radiology technicians and laboratory technicians.


The goal of the SANATRIX SURGICAL COSMETIC TEAM is to make sure that your cosmetic holiday experience is as stress free and relaxing as it can possibly be while striving to obtain the best possible results to enhance your natural beauty . 


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